Kimmo Pohjonen – Kaluaja

Listen to Kimmo Pohjonen – Kaluaja (05.53 min) on spotify.

Kaluaja can be found on the album Kluster

Music video with Kimmo Pohjonen

Kimmo Pohjonen – Kaluaja

About Kimmo Pohjonen

Kimmo Pohjonen (b. 1964) is one of the most respected and in-demand musicians and performers in Finland. An accordionist of exceptional ability and imagination, Kimmo’s musical history goes back more than twenty years in rock, folk, avant-garde, improvisation, classical, dance and theatre music projects.

In 1996 he embarked on a solo career with his solo 5-row accordion project, featuring extreme and original compositions, live loops and effects, a dynamic and animated stage performance, orchestrated lights and surround sound. Read more on