Juana Molina – Bicho Auto

Listen to Juana Molina – Bicho Auto (04.57 min) on spotify.

Bicho Auto can be found on the album Wed 21

Music video with Juana Molina


About Juana Molina

Juana Molina (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 1st October 1962) is an Argentinian singer-songwriter and an actress.

Molina started her career in 1988 as a comedic television actress in Argentina on the show La Noticia Rebelde. She later starred in Juana y sus hermanas, a hit sketch show across the Spanish-speaking world, for which she remains better known in Latin America.

When you ask most Argentines for an opinion of her music, however, you are likely to get a response related to her popular sketch comedy show from the ’90s Read more on Last.fm