Brenna MacCrimmon – Evlerine varagele usandim

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Evlerine varagele usandim can be found on the album Kulak Misafiri

Music video with Brenna MacCrimmon

Evlerine Varagele Usandım – Brenna MacCrimmon (2009)

About Brenna MacCrimmon

Brenna MacCrimmon is a Canadian folk singer from Toronto, Ontario. She has been performing, studying and teaching Balkan and Turkish music since late 1980s. She speaks and sings perfect Turkish and is internationally acclaimed as a Turkish folk singer.

Her interest in Turkish music started with a trip to a local library in Burlington, Ontario when she was still a teenager. She describes this incidence as; “I came across these Turkish albums, and I was really intrigued, there was just an emotional communication. Read more on