Danjal – Give Me

Listen to Danjal – Give Me (05.15 min) on spotify.

Give Me can be found on the album The Bubble

Music video with Danjal

Dánjal – Raindrops (official video)

About Danjal

Dánjal is from the Faroe Islands. He was born in Copenhagen in 1979.

Dánjal is an artist from the Faroe Islands, and much like the weather, his music can change from storm into a calm whisper in a second. Like the landscape it’s energetic, wild, melodic and melancholic and aims for the most sensitive nerve.

The lyrics play an essential roll in Dánjals musical universe. Through provoking and touching stories he often expresses an ironical distance to the western narrow minded view on the world. Read more on Last.fm