Gnawa Diffusion – Ma Kayen Ghir Ennif

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Ma Kayen Ghir Ennif can be found on the album Shock el hal

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Gnawa Diffusion Ma kayen ghir ennif

About Gnawa Diffusion

Gnawa Diffusion is a band created in 1992 in Grenoble, France, around Amazigh Kateb, lead singer and son of Algerian writer Kateb Yacine. The political lyrics are sung in Arabic, French or English and the music is very mixed (chaabi, gnawa, rock, reggae, dub…). Other members are Mohammed Abdenour, Pierre Bonnet, Philippe Bonnet, Salah Meguiba, Pierre Feugier, Abdelaziz Maysour and Amar Chaoui. Main albums are Algeria (1997), Bab el Oued – Kingston (1999) Souk System (2003) and Fucking Cowboys (2006). Read more on