Anda Union – The Herdsman

Listen to Anda Union – The Herdsman (04.24 min) on spotify.

The Herdsman can be found on the album Homeland

Music video with Anda Union

Anda Union – The Herdsman, live at Norwich Arts Centre (excerpt)

About Anda Union

Anda Union is an Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China acoustic mongolian traditional / revivalist and worldbeat band, formed in 2003. Members include: Nars, Urgen, Otgonbayar, Uni, Chinggel, Saikhannakhaa, Monkhjayaa, Hadanbaatar, Tsetsegmaa and Biligbaatar. Their latest release is “The Wind Horse” (2011, Hohhot).

Sites: YouTube and Facebook.