Gawurra – Guwak (Little Black Bird)

Listen to Gawurra – Guwak (Little Black Bird) (04.07 min) on spotify.

Guwak (Little Black Bird) can be found on the album Ratja Yaliyali

Music video with Gawurra

Gawurra – Guwak (Little Black Bird) Preview

About Gawurra

Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu is a Yolngu performer hailing from Arnhem Land. He was born on the Gove Peninsula and spent time as a child on his grandmother’s land of Yathalamara before moving to live on Milingimbi Island with his family. His culture, songlines, stories and history are deeply embedded in his resonant voice and soulful blend of traditional and contemporary songs.

Gawurra won the 2015 NT Song of the Year in the Pop category in 2015 for the demo version of his song ‘Ratja Yaliyali’ Read more on