Kim Appleby – Don’t Worry

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Don't Worry can be found on the album Kim Appleby

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Kim Appleby – 'Don't Worry' 1991

About Kim Appleby

Kim was a member of the disco duo Mel & Kim in the 80’s together with her sister Mel. When her sister died she released solo singles such as “Mama”, “Don’t Worry” and “G.L.A.D.”. Her debut solo album ‘Kim Appleby’ was a big success in 1990. In 1993 she released her second album in Europe (except UK) called ‘Breakaway’. In 1994 she teamed up with old Mel & Kim producers Stock & Aitken (Of SAW fame) and they wrote and produced her last hit ‘Free Spirit’ (the b-side featured a new version of her biggest hit and was called ‘Don’t Worry 94’). Read more on