Ozzy – Blå Mercedes

Listen to Ozzy – Blå Mercedes (02.19 min) on spotify.

Blå Mercedes can be found on the album BLÅ MERCEDES

Music video with Ozzy


About Ozzy

Ozzy is:

1. A Swedish hip-hop musician from Malmö (real name Osman Maxamed). He is of Somalian descent.
2. A Polish hip-hop musician from Lubartów.
3. A Polish 1980s rock band.
4. An Icelandic electronic artist (real name Örnólfur Thorlacius).

Artist name variation of:
1. Ozzy Osbourne, English rock musician (Black Sabbath).
2. DJ Ozzy, house musician.
3. David Osborne, piano musician.
4. Ozzy Osiki Ojo, hip-hop musician.
5. General Ozzy, Zambian hip-hop musician.
6.Ozzy, Australian/Dutch producer. Read more on Last.fm