Aman Aman – La galana y el mar

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La galana y el mar can be found on the album Musica i Cants Sefardis D´Orient i Occident

Music video with Aman Aman

AMAN AMAN – La Galana Y El Mar & Ajuar De Novia Galana (Contrafacte)

About Aman Aman

Aman Aman was a group from Spain, active from 2003 to 2007.

With one album, “Música i cants sefardis d’orient i occident”, and a fistful of concerts in Spain, Portugal and Germany, this band, which ran parallel to L’Ham de Foc, provided a vision of Sephardic music from a clear and conscious standpoint, far removed from absurdly academic, out of context, westernized interpretations that seem to invade Hispanic-Jewish music.

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