Sabina Ddumba – LOSE YOU

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LOSE YOU can be found on the album LOSE YOU

Music video with Sabina Ddumba


About Sabina Ddumba

Sabina Ddumba (born 23 February 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Ugandan-Swedish singer. Ddumba grew up in Fisksätra, Nacka. Her music has soul, gospel, and R&B influences. Ddumba was a backing vocalist on Katy Perry’s song “Walking on Air” and has collaborated with artists such as the hip hop band Looptroop Rockers, duo Lorentz & Sakarias and Adam Kanyama. She is signed to Warner Music. Ddumba released her first single, “Scarred for Life,” in 2014, and her second single, “Effortless” in 2015. Read more on