Orup – Händerna Mot Himlen

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Händerna Mot Himlen can be found on the album Händerna mot himlen

Music video with Orup

Orup – Händerna mot himlen Så mycket bättre 2019 reaction and review

About Orup

Orup (Thomas Eriksson) born december 29th, 1958 in Stockholm is a Swedish pop artist that has enjoyed major success in Sweden in the late 1980’s with songs like “Då står pojkarna på rad”, “Magaluf” and “Regn hos mig”. Orup is also a songwriter and has written songs for Lena Philipsson among others.

Orup was also in Intermezzo, Ubangi (with Cia Berg), the ‘E’ in GES and wrote songs for the kids tv-show Bröderna Olsson in the 80s.
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