Pernilla Andersson – Säga Någonting Bra

Listen to Pernilla Andersson – Säga Någonting Bra (03.10 min) on spotify.

Säga Någonting Bra can be found on the album Säga någonting bra

Music video with Pernilla Andersson

Pernilla Andersson – Säga någonting bra (Official Video)

About Pernilla Andersson

Pernilla Andersson was born in the mid 70’s in what you might say was a “music-friendly environment”. Both her parents, musicians at the time were touring a lot, her mother as a jazzsinger and her father with his jazzoriented “Beachboys-kind-of band”. So, for Pernilla cars, buses and planes was a natural way of living. Born in Stockholm she moved with her family to the south of Sweden when she was 4, and her home was always filled with musicians, artists and painters. Read more on