Sofia Karlsson – Spelar För Livet

Listen to Sofia Karlsson – Spelar För Livet (03.22 min) on spotify.

Spelar För Livet can be found on the album Visor från vinden

Music video with Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson – Spelar för livet (Kungen 40 år på tronen)

About Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson (born 1975 in Enskede, Sweden), is a Swedish folk singer.

Sofia Karlsson grew up in Enskede, Stockholm. She attended the Folk music dept. of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Between 1998 and 2002 she was a full time member in Swedish folk music act Groupa. In 2002 she released her debut solo album “Folk songs”.

In 2005 she made her public breakthrough with her second album “Svarta ballader” (Black ballads). The album contains her interpretations of the Swedish poet Dan Andersson. Read more on