Veronica Maggio – Varsomhelst/Närsomhelst

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Varsomhelst/Närsomhelst can be found on the album Varsomhelst/Närsomhelst – Spotify Studio It's Hits Recording

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Veronica Maggio – Varsomhelst/Närsomhelst (Audio)

About Veronica Maggio

Veronica Sandra Karin Maggio, born March 15, 1981 in Uppsala, Sweden, is a Swedish singer of Swedish and Italian origin. She won the category “Årets nykomling” (Newcomer of the Year) at Grammisgalan 2007.

In March 2006, Maggio released her debut single “Dumpa mig” (Dump Me); the video for the single soon became the hit of the week on TV stations like ZTV. Her other single after “Dumpa mig” was the song “Nöjd?” (Satisfied?). She signed a contract with Universal Music and went on a tour in Summer 2006. Read more on