Raul Paz – Mua mua mua

Listen to Raul Paz – Mua mua mua (02.71 min) on spotify.

Mua mua mua can be found on the album Mulata

Music video with Raul Paz

Raul Paz – Mua mua mua

About Raul Paz

Raul Paz was born in 1969 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He left Cuba in 1996, travelled in South America, and eventually arrived in France, where he studied classical music at the Conservatoire de Paris and learned the violin, singing, harmony and conducting.

Soon, at Paris clubs, such as the New Morning, Hot Brass, Bataclan, and Elysée Montmartre, he was sharing the spotlight with other Afro-Cuban musician passing through the city. As member of the Latino and African musical community based in France Read more on Last.fm