Yasmine Hamdan – Deny

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Deny can be found on the album Ya Nass

Music video with Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine Hamdan – Deny (official video)

About Yasmine Hamdan

ياسمين حمدان (Romanized: Yasmine Hamdan) is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress, now based in Paris. She became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded with Zeid Hamdan while she was still living in Beirut.

Yasmine Hamdan joined forces with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague (band)) to write and produce her first, self-titled solo album, which came out in France and Lebanon in 2012 on Kwaidan Records), and is released internationally (in a revised version with five new tracks) in 2013 by Crammed Discs under the title Ya Nass. Read more on Last.fm