Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

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Wicked Game can be found on the album Best Of Chris Isaak

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Chris Isaak, born on June 26, 1956, in Stockton, California, is a musician and actor known for his distinctive voice and a style that blends rock, blues, and rockabilly influences. Isaak's music career took off with his 1985 debut album, 'Silvertone,' but it was his 1989 release, 'Heart Shaped World,' and the haunting single 'Wicked Game' that catapulted him into international stardom. The song's atmospheric sound and the iconic black-and-white music video directed by Herb Ritts, featuring supermodel Helena Christensen, became emblematic of early '90s sensuality and melancholy. Beyond his music, Isaak has shown a flair for acting, appearing in several films and TV shows, including a memorable role in David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me' and his own Showtime musical comedy series, 'The Chris Isaak Show' (2001-2004). With a career spanning over three decades, Isaak's work is marked by his smooth, crooner voice, his retro-cool aesthetic, and his ability to evoke the emotional landscapes of love and heartbreak with timeless appeal.

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Wicked Game