Etran Finatawa – Iledeman

Listen to Etran Finatawa – Iledeman (03.69 min) on spotify.

Iledeman can be found on the album Rough Guide To Desert Blues

About Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa was formed as a band at the time of the 2004 Festival in the Desert near Timbuctou in Mali. The literal meaning of their name is ‘the stars of tradition’. They are the first group to use the songs and music of the Wodaabe in a modern context. They began as a group of ten musicians who wanted to unite the Wodaabe and the Tuareg nomadic cultures as a symbol of peace and reconciliaton. The touring and recording band consists of six players three of whom are Tuareg and three, Wodaabe-Fulani. Read more on