Gerd – Happier Than Me

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Happier Than Me can be found on the album Happier Than Me

Music video with Gerd

GERD – Happier Than Me (Music Video)

About Gerd

There are several artists named Gerd.

1) is Swedish singer Elin Lundgren, born 1995 in Karlstad. Her debut single Lies for a liar came the fall of 2021.

2) Gert-Jan Bijl aka Amplified Orchestra, Automator, B.S.O. Research, Gerd, Glisten Syndicate, Literon, Metro Dade, Replica, William Literon, Geeeman, NY Stomp – a Dutch dj and producer. Under the name Sensurreal Gert-Jan Bijl and Dirk Jan Hanegraaff did have a success during the 90 with their gigs and their release for Beam Me Up, a Dutch label in Rotterdam (Speedy J). Read more on