Jungle & Erick The Architect – Candle Flame

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Candle Flame can be found on the album Candle Flame

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Jungle & Erick The Architect represent a fascinating intersection in the music world, where the lush soundscapes of modern soul meet the sharp, introspective lyricism of hip-hop. Jungle, a collective hailing from London, burst onto the scene in 2014 with their self-titled debut album, known for its infectious grooves and multi-layered production that draws from funk, soul, and electronic music. Their sound is a vibrant tapestry of upbeat rhythms and melancholic melodies, creating an immersive experience that feels both nostalgic and forward-thinking. On the other side, Erick The Architect, best known as the primary producer and a founding member of the Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies, brings a gritty, cerebral edge to the collaboration. Erick's work is characterized by its dense, thought-provoking lyricism and experimental beats, drawing heavily from the golden era of hip-hop while pushing its boundaries. Together, Jungle & Erick The Architect explore new territories in sound, blending their distinct musical backgrounds to create something truly unique. Their collaboration is a testament to the power of music to transcend genre boundaries, offering listeners a rich, eclectic sound that defies easy categorization.

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Jungle – Candle Flame (feat. Erick The Architect) (Official Video)