Lars Winnerbäck – Rosor & champagne

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Rosor & champagne can be found on the album Neutronstjärnan

Music video with Lars Winnerbäck

Rosor & champagne

About Lars Winnerbäck

Lars Winnerbäck (born Lars Mattias Winnerbäck in Stockholm on 19 October 1975 ), commonly known as Lasse, is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

Winnerbäck started off with a folk-pop sound, releasing his first album, “Dans med svåra steg” in 1996. In the late 90s, his sound moved towards rock. More recently, he has moved towards a more acoustic style.

The influence of songwriters like Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube and Cornelis Vreeswijk shine through in Winnerbäck’s exclusively Swedish lyrics Read more on