Thåström – Alla Vill Till Himlen

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Alla Vill Till Himlen can be found on the album Thåström

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Thåström – Alla vill till himlen

About Thåström

Joakim Thåström is a former punk rocker from Rågsved in Stockholm, Sweden. He played in Sweden’s most famous punk band, Ebba Grön. Later he formed the new wave group Imperiet. When Imperiet broke up, Thåström started a solo career. During the 1990’s, he left Sweden and formed the industrial rock band Peace, Love & Pitbulls. While making solo albums, Thåström has also found the time to hook up with tour guitarist Pelle Ossler and keyboardist Niklas Hellberg in a new project called Sällskapet. Read more on