Yasin – Nånting I Luften

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Nånting I Luften can be found on the album Nånting i Luften

Music video with Yasin

Yasin-nånting i luften (speed up)

About Yasin

There are several artists named Yasin.

1) Yasin, or Yasin Byn, is a Swedish-Somalian rapper and part of the hip-hop team Byn Block Entertainment haling from Rinkeby in Stockholm.

2) Yasin, or Yasin Sulaiman, is a composer and musician from Malaysia. He was the ex-member of a popular nasyid group, Brothers. He left the group thus created his own album. Since 2009, there are 4 albums – Mimpi Laila, Salsabila, The Best Of Yasin, and Arus Qudus. His song, soon to be famous, Mimpi Laila was the winner for Anugerah Juara Lagu 2001. Read more on Last.fm