23 – Welou (Better Days)

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Welou (Better Days) can be found on the album Bland Sagor & Vapen: Del 1

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The moniker "23" might refer to a variety of artists, collectives, or projects across the vast landscape of music, given its numerical and potentially symbolic nature. Without specific details, it's challenging to pinpoint which '23' is in focus. However, the use of numbers in artist names often carries a personal, stylistic, or thematic significance, suggesting that '23' could represent anything from a birth date, a lucky number, to a nod towards a specific cultural reference or an influential figure in the artist's life. Artists adopting such a name might be involved in any genre, from electronic, hip-hop, to indie rock, each bringing their unique interpretation and reason behind the choice of name. Without further information, the story of '23' remains a canvas of possibilities, inviting listeners to explore the music behind the number to uncover the narrative and emotional resonance it holds.

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Welou (Better Days)